Wednesday, March 22, 2017


I haven't posted in a good long while.


Nothing much to say, really.  The death of my kitties closed my mouth with a seal of grief: It comes off when it comes off and not sooner.

I'm starting to get some of my voice back I think.  I feel the urge to write a story out of something I started a few years ago with two characters I ended up role playing with: Zack Dakin and Gabe Cleghorn.  Perhaps it's time to work the fallen angel angle.  From the fall til the flood as book one.  Then a tour of history as these two weave a tapestry out of their lives as men and women, princes and paupers, rich and poor. 

How will it culminate?  Depends.  If I get that far, I'd like to collaborate with another who's character is named after a cigarette brand.  I always did think some sort of homoerotic novel could be gleaned from the RP and fleshed out into a novel.

Only time will tell.  I've only written The Fall after all.  It's an ambitious project but I'm bipolar so I'mma just allow myself to dream today and believe today that I can write a book.

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