Saturday, September 17, 2016

To Fur or Not To Fur

I still cry for Sage and Dusty every day.  Every.Day.  But I wonder, do the tears need to cease before I find a new furry feline companion?  I'm lonely for a cat to care for.  I miss the feel of fur under my fingers.  But am I ready?  How will I know?




  1. When you're ready - you're ready. If you are feeling called to find a fur baby, then don't hold yourself back because of grief. It will not lessen the love you felt for your babies if you get a new kitty, it will cement the love that was already there and help you heal. Also, even though cats are king of assholes by nature, I know that your kitties wouldn't want you to be alone and wouldn't be too miffed for your fingers to scratch another kitty's back. ^^ I say go for it.

    1. All good points. What I need is to find homes for the parakeets. Several years ago I got one-let me reiterate that: one-parakeet. I was in a depression so my ex thought the solution to perceived neglect (maybe I was), was to buy it a mate.

      Without asking me.

      Fast forward. I leave them behind for the ex when I move to Kansas. I come back from Kansas. The parakeets are still his. I decide I want ONE parakeet of my own to hand tame so I buy Isa and her own cage. She cries out to be with the other two, I feel like a world class heel and put her with them. She fights to steal Petey from Judy cuz she a ho. I buy Budgie for her, another parakeet (in all of this are Sage and Dusty and half a dozen cockatiel's.)so she'll leave Petey alone. They both turn into bullies. I tell Ralph, my ex, I'm returning Budgie and Isa because it was a bad call for me to bring them home to begin with. So without asking me, yet again, he brings home another pair of parakeets for me for early Xmas. Gorgeous albinos but it still miffed me.

      Let these examples of horrible irresponsibility serve as a a Testimonial on the impulsiveness that can come along with poppy seed tea abuse and use. Or any opiate use.

      I ended up rehoming Isa and Budgie but I still just wanted one parakeet to begin with and now I want none. I would happily throw open a window and let every bird loose if this were California or Florida. Including Ralph's stupid cockatiels, which don't have clipped wings and which fly about at will. Only two of his five though. I told him the apartment isn't an aviary and three had to stay in his garage.

      We've been trying to find a bigger place where the birds have their own ffffucking room to fly free and unclipped.


      They've been removed from their natural habitat of Australia but I'm not to blame for that. Shitting on my stuff and chewing my stuff isn't their natural habitat either. Nor is it mine.

      Now he's telling me I need to wait to get a cat because it might go after the birds. And I need to sneak to get rid of the parakeets because he wants them. And every time he needs to move or bunk with me awhile I have to help him capture the feathery demons.


      That is all.

      We'd probably get along if the birds weren't an issue.

    2. Lol, after I posted this I brooded at McDs and came home and fought about it.

      There's not going to be a bigger place for us and the birds. I don't want to live in a house with an avian version of Grizzly Adams and his spoiled birds that wreck and ruin and shit on everything.

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    4. Oh man! :( Bird city! Yes I think having none of the birds would be super helpful. *hugs* I hope that the avian Grizzly Adams comes to some kind of understanding. Birds are a very bid presence in a small space. I think if you can lessen some of the feathers it will make getting some more fur a little bit easier and more pleasant.