Friday, April 7, 2017

How Dry I Am

Me and my big mouth.  Here I had to shoot my mouth off about writing a book and I can't conjure up more than three pages so far.  I keep asking myself, "How in the HELL are you going to churn out something novel sized from this?"

I decided I really suck at writing descriptions of scenery unless it's to set a dramatic scene.  I have a difficult time writing about the nondescript hospital waiting rooms, different types of trees, whether or not there are hills, etc. 

But for something to be a book it has to have 'filler'.  It's not all action, inner dialogue and dialogue.  It's a lot easier when there's a writing buddy, like a role play.

Guess I'm just spoiled. 

I've spent the last few days reading an old role play from four or so years ago and I'm feeling very nostalgic.  I'm also wondering how I can ever live up to that again.  It was some of my best writing!  My main character was pretty stereotypical in many ways but then he'd turn around and do something surprising.  Then there was the creepy character who was fun to write and had different dimensions.  I was going to use them for this 'book' I'm trying to write but I've changed my mind.  I'm saving them for something better and renaming the current characters.  It wouldn't be like Zack to be annoyed and callous about a body on the side of the road anyhow.

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